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Having watched the first 2 seasons of Spartacus I’ve been very excited. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show that leaves me so anxious to see the next one. Having chats with the Sparty crew on #twitter has made me feel like I am a part of the crew and having them respond to our questions is Awesome to say the least. I posted pics a few days ago about @ToddLasance making an appearance in Season 3 as he takes on the role of Julius Caesar. Now it’s the waiting game as season 3 doesn’t start till January 2013… Can’t wait!!!!!! #Anxiousashell

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David Gaughran

I first met author and editor Matt Ellis last summer through Twitter.

We exchanged a few emails, after which Matt posted a thoughtful review of one of my short stories, If You Go Into The Woods.

In that some post, Matt aired some of his concerns about self-publishing, not least how the promotional burden can chew up precious writing time, and we corresponded about that for a while.

Several months later, after an underwhelming experience with self-publishing, Matt made a radical decision about one of his books. Here’s Matt to explain what he did, and why he did it:

The Joys of Unpublishing, or, How I Failed My Way Into A Book Deal

This winter, my life’s dream was realized: my novel was accepted for print publication. The road to the book deal was long, and fraught with uncertainty and second-guessing. Like many authors, I had initially put my…

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This is very good information about publishing/republishing books.

David Gaughran

Jodi Picoult made headlines last week for her views on self-publishing, expressed in an interview with the Daily Beast (from Page 2):

What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Take a workshop course. You need to learn to give and get criticism and to write on demand. And DO NOT SELF PUBLISH.

Unfortunately, Jodi Picoult wasn’t pressed by the interviewer and didn’t elaborate (it would have been amusing if she had done so IN ALL CAPS).

The (outdated) blanket warning to avoid self-publishing generated a lot of reaction in the comments of that piece and anywhere else it was reprinted. I won’t rehash all that, only to note that, by contrast, Ms. Picoult thinks it’s a fine idea to sign with an agent who has no clients and zero experience.

Jodi Picoult got an opportunity to explain her position in a little more detail to the Huffington Post

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I recently became a member of twitter last month and I have to say that I have been very successful thus far. I’m enjoying talking with everyone and learning about how each person’s life goes each day. I truly only use #twitter to reach out to the faithful #Spartacus fans, I’m excited so far with the way it’s going….Let’s see what the future of technology shall bring!!!

Confused… Lol

Alot of times I don’t understand what women are looking for. I honestly think that they are confused about what they actually want. I’m just an ordinary guy that likes to write about different topics and blog about certain things on my mind. As far as the ” women “topic goes, lol well I love women but alot of times they’re hard to figure out… Certain things about that topic are better left unsaid, and that meaning arguments go both ways.